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Many parents can feel overwhelmed when assisting their children with their school work. TutorPlus is here to help! We provide individualized academic solutions tailored to you and your family.

As the school environment changes, we understand that many families need support to help their children achieve academic success. However, private tutoring can seem out of reach for many. TutorPlus has you covered! TutorPlus is a leading provider of customized, one-on-one or small group tutoring in the southeastern Michigan metropolitan area. From Unlimited Homework Support to One-on-One Tutoring Solutions, we provide affordable and accessible packages for you, anytime day or night

Join the ranks of students who’ve experienced educational success at TutorPlus today!


We collaborate with your child’s school program in order to provide the most effective solutions for your child’s academic success. As a result, our students continue to demonstrate significant academic gains while in our care.


We match each student the right academic coach/tutor for their particular need, their personality, and their schedule. Their custom academic support program is designed to help your child thrive.

Supportive 24/7

If your student needs help outside of normal business hours, we are there for them. Our 24/7, On-Demand App and Online School Work Helper provide immediate access to highly qualified tutors, anytime, day or night.


Your child’s achievement and growth is our goal.  All of our programs are completely customized to the needs and learning style of the student, creating an environment of success -allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Flexible Schedule

Does your student play a sport? Participate in an extracurricular activity? Maybe volunteer? TutorPlus offers flexible scheduling to provide support when it’s most convenient for you!

Booking and Scheduling

Interested in booking with TutorPlus? Contact us today for our easy scheduling and booking process. We can assess your student’s needs and set up your schedule today!

Our Story

TutorPlus, Inc. was established in 1998 by educators, Bill and Karen Simms. The mission is firmly rooted in the concept that every learner is unique and every student can succeed. As such, we specialize our approach in developing a personalized educational support plan for students of all ages and needs. In our over 20 years of service, we continue to thrive as the premier resource for supporting the learning needs of students and their families. Our aim is to find the proper balance for every student so they reach their full educational, social and emotional potential.

The TutorPlus experience is different from other educational service providers in that each member of the TutorPlus team serves as your personal Academic Coach. In this role, we collaborate with the family and the school to promote the most effective strategies for optimal success.

TutorPlus is here for you!

Whether you are looking for individual student support or an option for a virtual cohort of students to learn together - TutorPlus is here to help your student achieve academic success!