About Us

About TutorPlus

At TutorPlus, we understand that each child is unique in their own way, and that’s why flexibility and personalization are intertwined in all we do.

Our academic coaches/tutors specialize in various academic subjects at grade levels from elementary, middle, and high school, and reach as high as university-level studies. Additionally, our associates also provide expert guidance and support for homeschoolers, students enrolled in online programs, 504/IEP advocacy, and college admissions.

We always customize learning experiences to the needs of the student and work hard to make them engaging as well. While our priority is on the student, we also are here for parents, as our educators always keep them informed on the progression and development of their student’s skills.

Our Mission

Established in 1998 by educators, Bill and Karen Simms, TutorPlus has been helping students and families for over 20 years.  Our mission is firmly rooted in the concept that every learner is unique and every student can succeed.  As such, we specialize our approach in developing a personalized educational support plan for students of all ages and needs. In our over 20 years of service, we continue to thrive as the premier resource for supporting the learning needs of students and their families. Our aim is to find the proper balance for every student so they reach their full educational, social and emotional potential.

The TutorPlus experience is different from other educational service providers in that each member of the team serves as your personal Academic Coach.  In this role, we collaborate with the family and the school to promote the most effective strategies for optimal success.

Our Partners

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